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Docker Compose integration tests overview

Pycograph creates a RedisGraph model of your Python code. You can:

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Getting Started

Install Pycograph from PyPI:

pip install pycograph

Start RedisGraph and RedisInsight. E.g. via Docker containers:

docker run -d -p 6379:6379 redislabs/redismod
docker run -d -v redisinsight:/db -p 8001:8001 redislabs/redisinsight:latest

Load your project's code with the pycograph load command:

pycograph load --project-dir ~/code/docker/compose
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RedisGraph Model

RedisGraph is based on the Property Graph Model .

Pycograph's current model:

Node labels

  • package
  • module
  • class
  • function
  • constant
  • init
  • test_package
  • test_module
  • test_function
  • test_helper_function
  • test_constant

In the current model, each node has exactly one label.

Properties for all nodes

  • name
  • full_name
  • is_test_object
  • test_type

Relationship types


No properties.



  • from
  • name
  • as_name
  • reference_type: absolute / relative
  • level



  • reference_name
  • called_attribute
See some examples

How Does It Work?

You can find the source code on GitHub.

Libraries used:

  • ast module of the Python standard library for the abstract syntax tree
  • Pydantic both for the models of the intermediate objects and for the settings
  • redisgraph-py for creating the RedisGraph model
  • typer for the command line interface


Pycograph is in beta version.

It creates a basic model with focus on the relationships betweeen the different parts of the code base. Even that model might be incomplete, ignoring some less common syntax. The goal is to provide some useful insight, not to create an exhaustive model.

If Pycograph finds a syntax error, it skips the module containing the syntax error and tries to build a model from the rest of the code base.

Below are some of the limitations. If you bump into other limitations, please open a GitHub issue.


The following imports will be ignored by Pycograph:

  • imported external packages
  • import * syntax
  • variables
  • globals


  • All the limitations of the imports.
  • Resolving calls of more than 2 levels.

Other Known Limitations

  • No support for .py files containing Jinja templates (e.g. cookiecutter)


Pycograph is a tool for exploration. Its goal is to provide insight, not to take decisions. It shouldn't trigger automated code changes or cleanup.



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